23/03/06 New kids Club


A pool table, a games console and basketball hoops are just a few of the things on the shopping list for teenagers setting up their own youth club. 

Fisko Kids are appealing to businesses to donate items for Fiskerton’s new youth club.
A new village hall is currently being built in the village, near Lincoln, almost four years after it burned down.
Villagers raised the £200,000 needed to rebuild their hall, which is due to open at the and of the month.
And teenagers in the village are determined to make the most of it.
They are being helped by residents Brenda Wells (59) and Dawn Wakelen (38) and have formed a committee to come up with a list of games and electrical equipment they would like.
The Fisko Kids committee is looking for donations or sponsors for their new youth club through the Echo’s Match It! scheme.
Match It! is a website project linking community groups and charities with local businesses who can help them.
Fisko Kids will open on April 4 for children aged between eight and 16.
It will open every Tuesday between 7pm and 9pm and there will be a 50p entry charge to cover the rent on the hall.
Foster carer Mrs Wells, who has fostered more than 100 children in the past 20 years, said there is nothing in the village for teenagers.
“We are all in it together, it’s their club so it’s up to them to decide what they want,” she said. “Ideally we are looking for items and money because we’ve got nothing at the moment.
“So far we’ve been given a music centre by Tanya Knitwear and the Carpenter’s Arms pub says it has a television for us. Once we get going we can do fund-raising and raise money for charities and perhaps ask people to come in and give talks.”
Around 30 teenagers have already become interested in the club.
Danielle Mason (14) said she would love to have a youth club.
“We always get told off for hanging around anywhere in the village or if we play football on the green,” she said. “There is nothing to do here. It’d be nice to have somewhere to go to listen to music and play pool.
“If we can raise enough money we could have a disco once a month.”
Ryan Bellamy (13) said: “It will be a place to meet your friends and perhaps make new ones.”