25/09/06 Small School Cares



Date : 25.09.06

It was good to see the positive write-up about Nettleham School (September 21).

I’m pleased to say that Fiskerton Village School actually has the same range of equipment.

Not only that, but it is in the top five per cent in England for English, Science and Maths and may yet be at the top end of that group!

The best news, though, is that all the pupils finish as well rounded, caring and largely well-behaved youngsters!

The school has a number of children with learning difficulties and the other pupils, just naturally it seems, look after them – they are a caring bunch!

Why? Because the head teacher Mrs Papworth involves not only teachers, helpers, pupils and parents but the whole village in what goes on!

Both Nettleham and Fiskerton schools are examples of why small is superior to big in schooling.

It is more like a family group than an austere learning institution.

The pupils demonstrably not only respond well academically but also learn to be sensible, caring members of our society!

Well done!