23/10/08 Huge Spud


A GIGANTIC potato has been dug up in a garden in Fiskerton.

The spud was discovered by retired builder Bill Wragg and it measures a whopping 11.5in by 9.5in.

“I saw the potato plant in the beds and thought I had better unearth it, but never expected to find something that size,” said Mr Wragg (69), of Short Ferry Caravan Park in the village.

“It’s the biggest potato I’ve ever seen in my life – we’ll get a good supper out of it.”

The vegetable, believed to be a King Edward, weighs 3.75lb. “I hadn’t been trying to grow a potato plant, the seeds must have got into the beds when I put down compost from my barrel,” added a bemused Mr Wragg.

“There were nine potatoes on the same plant and they were all huge. The next one down was 7in long.”

The super-sized potato now joins the ranks of three foot leek grown by vegetable enthusiast Robert Weekley.