24/06/08 Edith Marks is 100




More than 90 years after she first rode in a horse and trap, Edith Boothby celebrated her 100th birthday by taking to the road once again.

Mrs Boothby’s surprise 100th birthday present was arranged by staff at her local day centre, who heard her saying she dreamed of riding on a horse and trap again, just like she did when she was a child.

“I had no idea that all this had been planned for me, no-one said anything,” said Mrs Boothby. “It was a beautiful surprise to go in the horse and trap. I had a lovely ride.”

¬†Staff at the Linelands centre arranged for Mrs Boothby’s trip around Welton and bussed up some of her friends to watch her go by.

Mrs Boothby’s first experience on a horse and trap took place when she was eight and living on her family’s farm in Gayton-le-Marsh, near Alford.

She used to travel in a horse and trap with her mother when they went to visit relatives in the next village. She also used to travel in one with her father when they went to market.

She now lives in Fiskerton with one of her two sons, and visits Linelands day centre once a week.

The grandmother-of-two and great-grandmother of three has lived in Lincolnshire all her life and was born on a farm in Branston.

She worked on her father’s farm and then took a job as a post lady before she married in 1931.

“The ride brought back a lot of beautiful memories from when I was younger,” said Mrs Boothby. “I am so overwhelmed by it all.”

A minibus full of Mrs Boothby’s friends watched the morning’s festivities before being driven back to the care home, courtesy of Translinc, for a party, cakes and trifle.

Sheila Goodson (69), who was among the group of well-wishers, said: “I have known Edith for two years. We see each other at the day care centre. It was marvellous to see her enjoying the day. At 100 she is still very well, always the first to sit down at the dominoes table.”

“We wanted to make Edith’s 100th birthday special,” said Phyllis Lynn (45), day care worker at Linelands. “I had heard Edith talking about how she wanted to ride on a horse and trap again so I contacted Rednil Farm Riding Stables to see if it would be possible. She was over the moon after her ride, it made her day.”