05/03/10 Plans to divert flood threat are welcomed

Plans to divert flood threat are welcomed

Major new plans have been put forward to tackle flooding in a Lincolnshire village.

Officials unveiled proposals that aim to collect and store water from the beleaguered village of Fiskerton, east of Lincoln, in order to reduce pressure on drains and sewers.

The scheme would intercept water from the north of Fiskerton and then divert it through existing pipes under the village – rather than through it – before it flows out into drains.

The £100,000 project was revealed last night to a village hall packed with locals.

District and parish councillors have teamed up with drainage officials, housing chiefs and other groups to hammer out a scheme that aims to reduce the amount of ground water getting into the sewage and drainage system.

They are also offering locals a “one-off” opportunity to help to repair watercourses on the land of homeowners who may not even know such things are on their land.

But while no-one at the meeting could question the need to combat flooding, concerns were raised about whether some locals might have to pay to maintain the watercourses.

Tony Adams, an environmental official at West Lindsey District Council, said: “There is a problem in Fiskerton and practically everywhere else in the district, and even wider still.

“This problem in Fiskerton was highlighted in the flooding of 2007, as it was everywhere else in West Lindsey.

“Part of the problem has been with ditches in what is referred to as the Morris Homes site.

“But we have problems throughout the village, and Fiskerton now has a unique opportunity to resolve them.”

The aim of the meeting was to seek the community’s support for the plans.

But the final say will be made by councillors.

The timeline outlined at the meeting would see the scheme finished by August this year.