30/03/10 Who to call about flooding?

ole responsibility for surface water flooding in the Lincolnshire is set to be handed to a new county council drainage department.

The Flood and Water Management Bill was created following the 2007 floods to set guidelines as to exactly what each public body is responsible for.

Lincolnshire County Council is now set to be charged with any kind of surface water flooding not covered by other organisations.

The authority will identify and investigate all incidents where others do not respond, ensure that flood victims are not passed from pillar to post and implement works to reduce flood risk, while maintaining its lead in emergency planning.

Lincolnshire is set to benefit from £337,000 worth of successful bids for Government cash.

The county council will be able to have a say on the flood risk aspect of all planning applications, not just those which affect highways.

The legislation will also see the authority introduce sustainable urban drainage systems.

The scheme would see alternatives to the existing balancing pond method of cleaning surface water before it enters rivers.

New housing developments could include wetlands along with planting along river banks and drains, which would benefit flora and fauna.

As reported in the Echo, a £100,000 project to alleviate flooding issues in Fiskerton has been agreed.

Steve Rousseau, 39, who runs Wishing Well Stores in the village with his wife Rachel, has repeatedly battled against the elements.

“You need to know who to call if you have a problem with flooding,” he said.

“In the past I’ve called Anglian Water who say that if water is on the road it’s the highways’ responsibility then highways say it’s someone else.

“It makes sense to have one number you can call so the response is co-ordinated.”