49 Squadron & The Airfield

  ED441 an Avro Lancaster B Mk1 1 of 49 sqn

ED441 an Avro Lancaster B Mk1 1 of 49 sqn

The airfield still has a large influence on the village although it has been disused for many years. However there are many websites that done an excellent job of documenting its history and activities. It seems foolish to reproduce the efforts of people far better qualified than ourselves so below you will find various links to other sites 

An excellent comprehensive site with lots of information about the airfield   


49 Squadron Association 

The 49er’s are a very active association and they maintain many links with the village, and every year they return to remember their comrades on Remembrance Sunday, attending the service in St Clements and up at the memorial on the airfield. 

Contact and information




Basic information 





 The Memorial



An interesting site about the loss of a particular aircraft 

http://www.bomberhistory.co.uk/JA691/index.html and indeed the  whole site is worth reading http://www.bomberhistory.co.uk/