Neighbourhood Plan

Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 is running from 1st November to 13 December 2018.

The Consultation comments will then be assessed and amendments made to the plan having regard to the consultation responses received. The plan will then be submitted to WLDC prior to further  external examination and the final public Referendum.

If you have any questions you  can email us using the email address


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a number of measures intended to hand more power to local communities to decide what happens in their area. One of these measures was the Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan is prepared by a Parish Council in consultation with the community. It will contain policies for the future use and development of land. The Plan must be based on evidence and must be in accordance with national planning law and the local plan for the area. It will be subject to an independent examination and a local referendum. If more than 50% of the votes are in support of the Plan, it will become a statutory planning document and will be used when deciding planning applications.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot be used to stop development, but provides an opportunity for us all to decide the best way for the village to move forward. The parish council sees our Neighbourhood Plan as vital to safeguard and shape the future of the village.


What will the Plan contain?

It’s important that you read the Plan for yourself.

The Plan sets out a vision for our village, proposes where new housing development should be sited (and why).  It also says what should be done by the parish council and others to improve and maintain facilities in the village, covering transport, the environment and the community. The policies in the Plan are a comprehensive agenda for local development and action and will be a major influence on how Fiskerton develops.  There are no set rules as to the content of a Plan.

The new Community Infrastructure Levy will be payable by developers of any new homes, and making a Plan gives us the opportunity to consider what level of development is acceptable to fund infrastructure improvements.

Who has written the Plan?

The Plan has been put together by a team headed by Cllr Rob Wall and is ‘owned’ by the parish council. They have done so following national and local guidance on the format and content of plans.


What happens next ?

This revue of the final draft plan is for anyone associated with the Parish, including landowners, clubs, societies and government bodies and agencies. The parish council will review comments made.

Later there will be an additional consultation run by WLDC. After this, the Plan will be formally ‘examined’ by a planning examiner to ensure it is fully fit for purpose, and after that there will be a referendum for villagers to vote to approve and accept the final Plan. Then it comes into use.

Give us your Views

We would like to hear your views, you can email us on the address below with any questions or comments, using this email address  

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