Your Council

The Parish Council wishes to be accessible to all those who live in the parish and encourages residents to get touch to give us their views. All meetings are open to the public to observe 

Using the links on the right you can view Councilors Declarations of interest, our Standing orders, the Financial regulations and the Code of Conduct. 

If you have an informal query or concern then contact any of the Councillors or the Parish clerk.

If you would like a formal answer to a question, or wish to make a point to the whole Council, or have something raised at a meeting then you can write a letter or use the contact form.

Email to:

The abilities of a parish council to raise (through the village precept on the Council Tax) and spend money is tightly regulated, as is the manner in which members of a council must conduct themselves. The Council prepares an annual budget and raises money (shown as part of the council tax) which it uses to perform its duties to the Parish.