27/09/03 THANK YOU


Pupils turned up to school with some special guests – their grandparents.

Students at Fiskerton Primary School, near Lincoln, said thanks to their older family members by inviting them into the classroom.

In support of National Grandparents Day, children’s grandmothers and grandfathers attended classes yesterday.

Four-year-old Cameron Wood (pictured) got involved when he invited his grandparents Bob and Brenda Wood (pictured).

Headteacher Maralyn Papworth said the school wanted to show how grandparents should be treasured and appreciated for the input they make into a child’s life.

“The children made the grandparents cakes and read them self-penned poems to entertain them,” she said.

“We also put on a show and let them join in on some lessons with their grandchildren.

“The children were lovely and really keen to show their grandparents the ropes at their school.

“It just makes the youngsters stop and think about how much their grandparents are worth, and I think that is very valuable for them