Companies will be able to bid for the chance to head up a project to build a new community centre.

The village hall in Fiskerton, near Lincoln, burned down more than two years ago.

It was a 20-minute blaze which left the building a burned-out shell.

The Fiskerton fire also destroyed the village’s Scout hut, forcing youngsters to join a group in Lincoln.

As reported in the Echo in December, the village hall community got a grant of £175,000, to rebuild the hall, from the Big Lottery Fund.

And landfill credit distributor Wren has now also chipped in with a grant of £50,000.

Chairman of the committee Andrew Cooke said: “We will be putting the contract out to tender by the end of the month.

“Everyone in the village is really excited about the project because it will provide us with a new, community building.”

When it is completed, the hall will be a base for several groups including luncheon and computer clubs, keep fit, crafts and sports classes.

Outreach and information services will also be available at the hall.

Mr Cooke said that the committee would continue fund-raising to decorate and buy equipment for the hall.

“We have been very lucky to get the grants but there is still work to do,” he said.

“It is going to be fantastic for the community when it is up and running.”