26/06/07 School Flood


A School play area installed last year has been ruined by flooding.

Fiskerton Primary School was closed yesterday while its foundation stage play area, which cost £3,000 to install, stood in six inches of water.

Headteacher Maralyn Papworth said most of the surface, which was covered in loose bark, had been washed away by the downpour.

“It is on a slope so we are hoping that when the water has gone, the framework will have survived,” she said.

“The rubber area and the bark area have gone in the water and I do not think we can save that.”

Sandbags were delivered to stem the flow of water into the school where the assembly hall had already been affected.

“It’s disappointing and we cannot open until the outside is safe because we may have got some polluted water around,” said Ms Papworth.